1. Work for protection of environment, conservation of water resources and safeguarding of sources of energy in urban and rural regions.
  2. Work for conservation of heritage and archeology of ancient shrines. Spreading knowledge about the scientific outlook and history of Jainism.
  3. Construction of lodges for the convenience of travellers and hostels for students.
  4. Involve in the establishment, running and patronage of Caring Houses for the disadvantaged (disabled, visually impaired, deaf and dumb, etc.), destitute and aged.
  5. Work on issues for emancipation of children and women such as health, education and self-dependency and sensitise them about their rights.
  6. Work for assistance and upliftment of people affected by natural calamities and social problems.
  7. Popularising virtues like vegetarianism and non-violence.
  8. Guide young generation about career opportunities in the field of engineering and assist in providing employment opportunities to capable engineers.
  9. Conduct activities like organising fairs, exhibitions and seminars for objectives such as bringing Jain Engineers on a forum for social and economic progress of the community.
  10. Providing incentives and scholarships for meritorious students in engineering and facilitating contacts with established professionals in India and abroad.