• Scholarships and grants for students at primary and secondary levels.
  • Interest free loans for higher education (repayment voluntary and after reaching an earning position).
  • Book Bank and Book Exchange schemes.
  • Providing expert counseling for career guidance
  • Assistance by JES volunteers during emergencies.
  • Facilitating services of blood donors to the needy.
  • Interest free loans for medical treatment.
  • Providing regular services and guidance of naturopathy/acupressure practitioners.
  • Implementing schemes, according to local requirements, for rest houses, lodges and hostels.
  • Providing services for running of old-age homes run by the community.
  • Providing services of experts for renovation/reconstruction and development of pilgrimages.
  • Providing guidance and increasing awareness of water conservation and water management.
  • Providing guidance and advice for conservation of environment.
  • Providing matrimonial information about JES engineers and their family members on organisation website.